Women get older, learn these 5 kinds of collocation, will be more elegant good-looking temperament

Middle age is a mixed blessing for most of us. On the one hand, we lose our shape as we get older, but on the other hand, the qualities that have been honed over the years become apparent.

So, for these middle-aged moms, it’s not hard to reach new heights of beauty as long as you embrace the years and pay attention to your clothes. Facts prove: older women, learn these 5 kinds of collocation, will be more useful good-looking temperament!

1. Granny shirt + over-the-knee skirt
For older women, being well-dressed is a surefire way to get better at middle age, and there are things that have proven their value when it comes to dressing well.

Granny shirts are soft and comfortable, and because they are made of knitted fabrics and can draw out the symmetrical curves of middle-aged mothers, they are one of the few styles that look good in any way.

For spring, look for black, gray, and coffee granny shirts, as well as lighter, desaturated granny shirts such as apricot, light blue, and light purple, which look elegant when paired with a dark, matching umbrella skirt.

The witch and her sheep Mia also showed middle-aged mothers the correct way to open A little spice granny blouse: choose a high-waisted umbrella skirt that is the same color as the edge or adjacent to it, in a color-matching way, like a high-waisted A-line skirt in rubber pink or gray purple.

Shoes should not be too heavy, otherwise it will damage the shape of the beauty of light, like shallow mouth single shoes, small white shoes are very suitable.

Two, suit + trousers
Grandma’s blouse is soft, which is more suitable for matching long skirt to express elegant and intellectual temperament, while the suit is mainly simple and concise, which is more suitable for middle-aged mothers to match trousers.

As you get older, you should try to look fresh in your clothes, not too lethargic or slouchy.

A suit with trousers can create a concise visual effect, improve energy and show a sense of female power.dress. But pay attention to, 50 or 60 years old women using suit pants, the best choice of cotton, acetic acid material, color consider light khaki, oatmeal, white.

Dark suit sets wear stable, but inevitably appear the corresponding dull old sense, but it is better to choose light suits, complete sets wear do not worry about the shape of old age, more easily wear a sense of senior.

In addition, the same color up and down to the use of version type, length and other contrast to create level changes, it is best to add white space, enhance the sense of breathing.

Third, vest + straight pants
Color alignments are widely used in spring, especially as you get older and know that dressing in a uniform color is the shortest way to achieve a sophisticated look.

In addition to suits, suits vest is also very suitable for middle-aged mothers, formal and crisp, but also by matching shirts to create a folded style, rich layers away from dull.

Uniform suit vest, shirt, pants color, we need to pay attention to two points, the first color of each item had better maintain a certain degree of change, in addition, pants need to choose straight style.

4. Shirt + Skirt
Mention can express elegant and decent collocation idea, and blouse + skirt.

Whether a set of collocation is worth learning from, to see its effect on temperament, if it can not interpret the charm of the wearer, but the dominant or nondescript, then it is not worth learning.

Really suitable for reference or like shirt + half skirt this kind of collocation idea, simple and easy, but also can take into account the elegance and senior. Like shirt with half skirt, add black silk, grandma shoes, French style easy to get!

Shirt with half skirt, need to focus on the main points, preferably with a belt, or fancy plug hem clear proportion. In addition, we should pay attention to the skirt version. For well-proportioned middle-aged mothers, they can be matched with high Fanny pack hip long skirt and high waist slit long skirt to show their figure advantage.

If you want to optimize the shape of your legs and avoid flab, you are more recommended to wear a straight skirt or umbrella skirt.

5. Trench coat + skirt
No trench coat does not spring, try a long trench coat for a stylish and stunning look.

When middle-aged and elderly people buy windbreakers, they can make mistakes by holding the key points of “simple, slim and pure color”. For example, a light khaki long windbreaker and a black mid-length windbreaker can be combined with skirts to create a beautiful and loving look.

The long black trench coat can be matched with the red skirt, with the help of color collision, so that temperament is improved!

Conclusion: This is the end of the content for everyone to share, for older women, I suggest you learn the above 5 collocation, elegant and temperament!

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