In a relationship, the other person only sees you as a lover, most of these manifestations

Someone said: “Between lovers, there is no true love, all for ambiguity.”

Indeed, a person does not really love you, will certainly put you as a lover, ambiguous after left.

Both men and women are unlikely to stay with their lovers for long. After a brief period of pleasure, the relationship is bound to end.

No matter how sincere love is at the beginning, once you taste the freshness, you will not cherish it.

Frankly speaking, men flirt with women, are from the “physiological needs”, no matter how beautiful love words, also can not cover up this fact.

Similarly, women will accept a man’s flirtation, mostly because they see the value in a man, then decide to contact, but later, they gradually immersed in love, already don’t want to wake up.

Therefore, when the relationship between the sexes, there is not so much truth, especially for married men and women, more cruel, are borrowed in the name of love, to maintain a brief pleasure.What are the rose toys? After all, in a relationship, the other person only sees you as a lover, most of these manifestations.

First, there is a physical need to find you, not true love
In any relationship, if a person usually does not look for you, to you, until there is an emotional need, to come to you, this is not true love.

For example, if a man doesn’t care about a woman and doesn’t have much company, he seems to have lost contact with her. Basically, it can be concluded that he is not really in a relationship with you.

This is the kind of man who, when he has a need, is sure to be very affectionate towards you and can’t wait to come to you.

In addition, they will give you gifts and red envelopes to make you think that they love you very much, when in fact, they are just trying to solve some emotional need.

Therefore, once he gets you, he will instantly lose interest and not want to be with you, so he will make many excuses to leave.

You think he really loves you, but he does not know that in his eyes, you are just a dispensable lover, he will not be responsible for you.

In the same way, women in the feelings, have a certain need, eager to get a man’s love and care, will think of you, full of expectations to come to you.

However, she does not really love you, but wants to be pampered by you, in order to calm her anxious and fragile heart.

Especially those who are unhappy in marriage, how many will expect a man outside the marriage to comfort them, accompany them through lonely times.

Even, some women think that men are rich, once they meet with difficulties, they will focus on you and want to be with you urgently.

This woman does not approve of you inside, but sees you as a lover on whom to squander emotional and material, full of calculation.

Therefore, both men and women, once they do not contact each other at ordinary times and only have needs, they will meet and snuggle together, indicating that it is not true love, mostly just a lover relationship.

Two, and you, and the other sex to ambiguous
In the love of men and women, if a person, with you, but at the same time with other heterosexual ambiguous, absolutely casual feelings.

This kind of person, not really to develop a relationship with you, but regard you as one of the many lovers, want to change taste, will come to your side.

They never put their heart into it, they just play with it, flirt with you, have a romantic relationship with you, and are never responsible for you.

Therefore, their love is not only to you, but to others at the same time, even with many members of the opposite sex, have a close relationship.

In this relationship, you are just a passer-by on his emotional road, wait until the end of the game, the relationship is over.

For example, a man just put you as a lover, he can not give up the original family, can only play with you ambiguous, enjoy a moment of pleasure.

In his eyes, you are just an emotional company, when together is very happy, after the feeling of freshness will not be entangled.

Therefore, he will not give you points, more unlikely to give you a lot of material, after getting, certainly do not want to pay, until one day, you see the reality, he will be completely with you.

Such a man, who must be in a lot of relationships with the opposite sex, will choose those who are out of their minds, develop a lover relationship, so that they can get away with it at any time.

It can be seen that a man can’t give you favoritism, and always interact with different members of the opposite sex, basically false love, they have many choices in addition to you, it is impossible to be responsible.

In the same way, women just take men as lovers, in addition to ask for you, and there is not much truth.

Especially those who are more material women, must have a lot of contact with the opposite sex, they will also choose the condition of the best one, in order to get the desired benefits.

Even if a woman is immersed in the romance of love, but will eventually consider the reality, once found that you can not give her anything, will lose interest in you instantly.

Women in the feelings, will first put the truth, and then will be lost, however, they will have a gradually wake up process, when she weighs the pros and cons, will be from the money and material to obtain, in order to protect their own interests.

So, in the end, they will value the profit, when you are valuable, will take you as a lover, wait until you have nothing to give her, quickly bid you farewell.

Thus, men and women love, a person’s love for you is not dedicated, not loyal, and other members of the opposite sex have contacts, are not true love, but as a lover, will not be long.

To sum up, in love, a person who does this to you is usually just treating you as a lover.

Have a physical need to find you, not true love; When dealing with you, and other members of the opposite sex to ambiguous.

In a relationship, if there is no sincerity, can not pay sincerely, it is impossible to go on for a long time.

True lovers, no calculation, they can do loyalty, sincere, grow together, hand in hand to create a better future.

On the contrary, those in the name of love, in fact, is to play ambiguous men and women, just want to develop a lover’s relationship, can not be responsible for, more will not long-term development of relations.

Most of the time, lovers, is ambiguous pronoun, if you find a heterosexual so to you, don’t nostalgia.

People in this life, whether men or women, can not afford to consume in the feelings, for not worth the people, as early as possible away.

The world of strangers, several degrees of drifting, found that a relationship can not go on, it is necessary to stop the loss in time, do not lust for a moment of pleasure, so as not to delay the happiness of life.

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