What’s the English meaning of the package?

In our daily life, we often see English on the bags. Some people think these English words are very important, but others think they are just decorative.

1: English of the bag

What is the English meaning of bag? This is a common problem. In fact, it can be translated into many different languages, but the two most common words in English are “initial packing” and “outline packing”. Both translations refer to junk mail (Drug) or taxable packages (tax). 1. Toilets: original: travelled2. Contact: original: conditional

2: English on the box

What’s the English meaning on the box? It is generally considered a large packaging material. These words are used to mean boxes, containers or other objects. This is refill pouch packaging. Common terms used on boxes include “bottle” for the edge of the bag; “slip” describes the size and shape of a bag. If you’ve ever used a particularly large plastic bag, you may have noticed that they look like they don’t have LIDS. This is because LIDS are thick and cannot be opened, so they are usually used to better protect items.

3: Common problems on the packaging bag

1. A bag is something used to hold articles or substances, usually made of plastic, glass and other materials. 2. Packaging box refers to a container composed of a variety of materials and shapes, which can effectively protect products from the influence of the external environment and not be damaged. 3. Common problems on packaging bags: 1) How to use plastic bags correctly: the following two points should be paid attention to when using plastic bags: (1) the water content in plastic bags is large, so it is not appropriate to store too much fruit; (2) Do not put beverage bottles and fragile products together in plastic bags, so as not to cause damage; (3) the refrigerator compressor should not be placed around too much debris;

In a word, how to correctly use the English on the bag is a big problem. If you want to look professional and beautiful, then learn some useful knowledge to determine what tags or words to use in different situations.

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